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65 Feelings Kids Today Will Never Understand

*Plays "Mesmerize" on repeat*

1. The extreme joy of successfully burning a new CD with no errors.

2. The pain of buying the wrong CDs to burn. (CD-R vs. CD-RW... I WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.)

3. The feeling of playing that new CD for the first time in your car or CD player.

4. Realizing half of your burned CD was just fillers and you only made the CD for like two songs.

5. The annoyance of finally getting sick of that burned CD.

6. The joy of finding that burned CD two years later and jamming out to the memories of it.

7. The frustration of having someone write a passive-aggressive away message about you.

8. The rage of being blocked by one of your friends on AIM after an ~ online ~ fight.

9. The disappointment of downloading something on Kazaa and it being a fake song.

10. The disappointment of downloading a song period. HOURS.

11. The pure bliss that followed when that song was finally completed.

12. The soothing nature of Casey Kasem's voice on Sunday mornings.

13. The joy of finding the Xanga, LiveJournal, or Dead Journal of someone you went to high school with and reading it for hours.

14. The amazement of Hit Clips technology.

15. The delight of staying home and catching a good episode of Sally, Maury, Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Jerry, or Leeza.

16. Good, genuinely trashy morning talk shows in general.

17. The anxiety of the black light test on Room Raiders.

18. The cultural impact of New York from VH1 reality shows.

19. The cultural impact of VH1 reality shows in general.

20. The brilliant weirdness of the facts on the Next bus.

21. Lizzie McGuire's important hair + style influence.

22. The controversy about T.A.T.U.

23. The cultural impact of Mya.

24. The anxiousness while waiting for someone to leave a message on your answering machine.

25. Jealousy over anyone who was on Say What Karaoke. YOU COULD DO BETTER.

26. The satisfaction of getting a video game to work by blowing into the cartridge.

27. The satisfaction of remodeling your AIM profile.

28. The weirdness of SmarterChild.

29. True fear of Unsolved Mysteries.

30. True fear of Robert Stacks' voice.

31. The frustration of opening a new CD because all of those goddamn stickers.

32. The anticipation of getting a disposable camera developed.

33. The annoyance of half of those pictures turning out overexposed/blurry.

34. The fun of sharing doubles with your friends.

35. The intense competition between Britney and Christina.

36. The even more intense competition between Backstreet and NSYNC.

37. What it meant to be a Backstreet Boys fan vs. an NSYNC fan.

38. The impact of "Lady Marmalade."

39. The impact of Ja Rule.

40. The impact of Ashanti.

41. The impact of them both together.

42. The devastation when Nick and Jessica broke up.

43. The frustration of fitting a CD player in your pocket.

44. The feeling that Facebook was exclusive.

45. The feeling that MySpace was cool.

46. The thrill of catching the TV Guide Channel just as it was starting over.

47. The thrill of using AIM at school.

48. Getting extremely confused/scared over "%n" and falling for it every time.

49. The amusement of opening a new CD and seeing what the design on the physical CD was like.

50. The horrific feeling of accidentally IMing someone random on your buddy list.

51. The struggle of playing Gameboy in the dark.

52. The significance of Freddie Prinze Jr.

53. The feeling of being someone's No. 1 on their top 8.

54. The feeling of seeing yourself in someone's top 8 that you weren't really THAT good of friends with.

55. The anger of using Encarta and not finding what you needed.

56. The frustration of a movie you wanted to see not being at Blockbuster.

57. The pain of going to places using printed out MapQuest directions and then getting lost and being completely screwed.

58. The significance of "Thong Song."

59. The thrill of nurturing a Tamagotchi from a baby to an adult.

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60. The excitement of using different search engines like Alta Vista, Dog Pile, and Ask Jeeves even though they all had the same results.

61. The pain of rewinding.

62. The aggravation of your Internet Explorer freezing.

63. The momentousness of Brittany Murphy dying.

64. And Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

65. And Aaliyah.