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60 Photos Showing How 7-Eleven Has Rapidly Taken Over New York City

They're everywhere.

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There are 35 7-Elevens currently open in Manhattan.

30 of those have opened in the past 7 years.

23 have opened in the past 5 years.

And 12 have opened in the past 2 years.

In an interview with NY Magazine called "How 7-Eleven Plans To Put The Bodega Out Of Business", Sean Duffy, 7-Eleven's corporate senior vice-president of development said, "It's part of an overall growth strategy. We saw an opportunity in Manhattan—huge traffic counts, huge pedestrian traffic, [and] the need for convenience."

So basically they're saying New Yorkers want this.

Using Google Maps' new street view time machine, here's photos of what used to be where all those 7-Eleven's are now.


All photos via Google Maps.


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