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55 Things That Deserve A Special Place In Hell

See you in hell, things.

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1. The person who decided you could never leave a group text.

2. Ketchup water.

3. John Travolta's wig.

4. John Travolta's chin nubbin.


5. Whoever alphabetizes things and puts everything starting with "the" under "T."

6. Songs that use police sirens.

7. Commercials that use cell phone ringtones.

8. Books that are adapted into movies and then reprinted with images from the movie on the cover.

9. People that always say they "didn't get your text."

10. Websites that trick you into thinking something is an article when it's actually a video.

11. Kevin Federline's rap career.

12. Food babies.

13. Shitty packaging.

14. Big tubs of scrambled eggs.

15. Cold scrambled eggs.

16. Garbage juice.

17. Hugh Jackman's long hair.


18. Billy Ray Cyrus' chunky highlights.

19. People who put their feet up in the car.

Does anyone else hate when people do this?

20. People who say "K." Period use is important!

21. People who have misleading voicemails that pretend like they actually picked up.

22. Justin Bieber's saggy diaper.


23. Bucket hats.

24. Used Crocs.

25. Old toe shoes.

26. People who use the word "bro" in a passive-aggressive way.

27. Jeans that have buttons instead of zippers.

28. People who say "Chipoltay" instead of Chipotle.

29. The numbers inside a phone.

30. Avril Lavigne's cover of "Imagine."


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31. The little hard crusties that form on lotion spouts.

32. Voicemails.

33. People who leave voicemails.

34. People who don't turn right on red (when it's allowed).

35. People who don't clean up their sweat at the gym.

36. Thirty-second commercials on YouTube with no skip button.

37. People who eat French onion chips on airplanes.

38. Teachers who say, "I don't know, can you?" when you ask them if you can go to the bathroom.

39. Yellow Starbursts.

40. People who don't replace empty toilet paper rolls.


41. Toilets that auto-flush while you're still sitting on them.

42. People who don't know how to park.

There's a special place in hell for people who park like this... Especially in an empty parking lot.


There's a special place in hell for people who park like this... Especially in an empty parking lot.

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43. People who slam on their brakes for yellow lights.

44. Phone apps that secretly drain all your battery.

45. People who comment on Facebook photos from, like, 2008.

46. People who ask too many questions.

47. The three dots that say someone is typing when they're not.

48. People who take elevators to the second floor.

49. People who leave the bathroom light on and shut it when they leave.

50. Earbuds that stop working on one ear.

51. Barcode stickers.

52. Slideshows on websites.

53. People who use Bluetooth.

54. False sneezes aka when you feel like you're going to sneeze and it doesn't happen.

55. Italian restaurants that don't offer free bread.


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