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40 Pictures That Will Give You Douche Chills

Look at your own risk.

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What are douche chills?

Douche chills are a natural bodily function that occur whenever you get physical chills from looking at someone who appears or acts incredibly douchey. Douche chills can also cause a "jolt of energy" to run through your being, and one may temporarily lose control of their limbs and legs. The most common cause of douche chills are middle-aged white men with long hair, diamond earrings, lots of gel, and popped collars.

Go through the following 40 images to see if you are susceptible to douche chills.

Good luck.

Trigger warning for this next one...


If you are currently experiencing douche chills, I just want to remind you to breathe it out. No need to freak out. The feeling and sensation is temporary.

Have a good day now.

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