3LW's Kiely Williams Revealed She Hooked Up With Three Members Of B2K At Once, And That's Pretty Legendary If You Ask Me

    "I was out there thot, thot, thottin'."

    Kiely Williams is probably most well known for being one-third of the legendary early 2000s group 3LW.

    3LW smiling for photographers at a red carpet event

    They were best known for their song "No More."

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    She was the "playa pleathe" one.

    B2K was also one of the most popular boy bands of the same time.

    B2K wearing matching satin jackets as they hold their BillBoard Music Award backstage

    They are most well known for their song "Bump Bump Bump."

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    TUG Epic

    You may also remember them for their cute matching outfits with exposed midriffs*.

    And now I have some *pretty* legendary news about a *collaboration* between the two.

    Kiely went on Carlos King's podcast and revealed that she actually hooked up with three of them...at once.

    There was a rumor that she dated Raz B, and when asked about it, she said "date is a loose word."

    B2K posing for a photo in front of a concrete wall with an arrow pointing at Raz B who is second from the left wearing a tall T and sweatpants

    "I wouldn't give that definition. I think I said entanglement with all of them except for Omari," she said.

    B2K doing funny poses on the orange carpet of the Nickolodeon Kids Choice Awards. The group members are wearing matching tanks, unzipped hoodies, and jeans

    "I'm grown. I can admit it. Everybody has their 'hoe days.' Let them have them. We can look back on them days when we're older and be like, 'Yeah, I was out there thot thot thottin'!!!"

    A closeup of Kiely smiling while wearing a bandanna, a torn tank that shows of her belly piercing, and jeans

    "So, wait, Kiely, Fizz, J Boog, Raz B, at the same damn time?" the host asked.

    "Only one time, that's only a one-time thing."

    Kiely performing onstage in a crop tank top, leggings underneath denim shorts, a long bedazzled denim vest coat, and combat boots

    So, there you have it. She had three at once. These three in particular:

    From left to right: J Boog, Lil Fizz, and Raz B at a red carpet event

    And...um...well...I'm jealous.

    Finally, someone coming clean about their "hoe days" because everyone has them, and if you don't, well, that's just sad!