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This Is What Happens When 318 Corgis Throw A Beach Party

Corgi Nation is growing. The last beach party only had 140!!

On July 13, 2013, something amazing happened.

Three hundred eighteen corgis gathered in one place, together as one.

They called themselves: CORGI NATION.

The corgis came from all over the great state of California accompanied by their loyal human servants. (They were referred to as "the help.")

Big or small, it didn't matter.

They are corgis. They are love.

Some wore goggles.

Some wore caps.

Others wore simple (yet totally classy) handkerchiefs.

This guy wore these slightly outdated pants.

And this guy wore a little straw hat. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE STRAW HAT.

Then there was their leader, SuperCorgi.

He looks tough and slightly scary on the outside...

...but it's really all an act. He's basically a big, smiley baby.

(There was another corgi that was wearing a cape, and it's unclear who was actually the real SuperCorgi with actual superpowers.)

The day was filled with swimming.

Lots of chilling.

And of course, The Cheese Toss Game.

They played catch...

...which means they basically lost their shit and went insane.

Corgis were buried.


Some corgis used "the help" for shade...

... while others used umbrellas.

This corgi was sassed.

This corgi walked the beach like it was its own personal runway.

These two corgis looked like they wanted to totally kill each other.

This corgi got all mad because she was jealous of the other's super cute bikini.

And this corgi looked like he had just smoked some weed.

Then it happened. They came together for one glorious group shot.

The corgis lined up.

The corgis were raised.

And for one moment, all was perfect in the world.

Then all the corgis passed out and were hungover for days.

NOTE: It should be mentioned that there was one dachshund wearing a dress in attendance.