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30 Things You Need To Know About Piggy The French Bulldog

Hey everyone, meet your new favorite Frenchie. Her name is Piggy.

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30. She wears pig suits because her name is Piggy, duh:

29. You can sneak her into basically anywhere by putting her on the bottom of a stroller:

28. She's kind of a baller:

27. She loves a good pink cocktail with one of those little umbrellas:

26. She's a straw-chewer:

25. In the winter you are likely to find her on a heating vent:

24. She appreciates her views:

23. She's kind of a nightmare to sleep with (she's all over the place):

22. She doesn't mind being sandwiched between two pugs:

21. Flying makes her nervous but she does it because she has to:

20. She's patriotic, but not obnoxiously patriotic (if you know what I mean):

19. She's been known to drink too much wine:

18. Okay, she's a lush:

17. She has a good friend named Mango and this is how they hang out:

16. She always says she's dieting but she can't resist an ice cream cone:

15. She snores:

14. She says she's into the outdoors... but by "outdoors" she means a nicely manicured field of grass:

13. She also has allergies...

12. But as long as she takes her meds she's okay to frolic:

11. She's always wanted to learn how to surf, but she got really freaked out the one time she went out on the board and now she swears she'll never do it again:

10. She's not really a baby person (though she finds them cute):

9. Halloween is her favorite holiday:

8. Because of the candy:

7. She likes to sail but has only been twice:

6. She can't be bothered with homework:

5. She loves to argue:

4. Her "go to" piece of clothing is a hoodie:

3. She loves hitting up the Starbucks drive-thru with friends (she has a thing for fraps):

2. She thinks it's weird that more girls don't play football:

1. She's open-minded... she won't not hangout with you just because you're a hedgehog:

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