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29 Things You May Have Forgotten About The 1999 Grammy Awards

Okay we got it, Sheryl Crow! You had really nice abs!

1. Big Pun and Fat Joe being, by far, the cutest couple on the red carpet.

2. Benny Medina getting caught checking out Jennifer Lopez's ass.

3. Sheryl Crow's totally then in-style belly shirt.

4. Will Smith's outfit that was entirely made of leather.

5. He was basically wearing a cow.

6. Steven Tyler wearing a napkin around his neck.

7. Jerry Seinfeld was there?

8. Jennifer Love Hewitt was also there?

9. Missy Elliott's blazer which had duck feathers dangling from it.

10. Madonna trying super hard to convince us she was deep and weird.

11. Alanis Morisette being actually weird.

12. Ricky Martin dancing around in a ribbed Gap sweater and leather pants.

13. Semisonic's dreams being crushed when they didn't win for "Closing Time."

14. More of Ricky Martin pretending to be straight.

15. Marc Anthony and someone he was dating who was not JLO.

16. Johnny Reznick rocking the Kate Gosselin before Kate Gosselin was even a thing!

17. Sarah McLachlan before she ruined everyone's lives with the ASPCA commercial.

18. 2/3 of the Dixie Chicks wearing belly jewelry.

19. Shirley Manson's tits.

20. Rosie.

21. Brandy and Monica owning the red carpet together.

22. The Brian Setzer Orchestra trying desperately to make us not to forget about them.

23. Celine Dion and her grandfather.

24. Usher thinking this move was "sexy."

25. Sheryl Crow's extremely tiny totally useless cardigan.

26. Natalie Imbruglia's psychedelic cow-inspired leather jacket.

27. A very young Mya.

28. Lauryn Hill before she went crazy.

29. And Aaron Carter.