27 Things That Always Happen On "Naked And Afraid"


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In case you didn't know, there's this really weird amazing TV show called Naked and Afraid where a man and a woman are dropped off completely naked in the middle of some sort of wilderness and have to survive for 21 days. It's fucking crazy but so so good because butts and naked drama.

Here's was happens on every episode...

1. The two people size each other up, clearly trying not to stare at each other's bits ’n’ pieces like, "Wow, I've never met anyone like *this* before."

14. There is always, without fault, some sort of snake moment. The snake is almost always "one of the most dangerous in the world that will kill you within 48 hours if you don't seek medical attention."

15. Someone lies on the ground and is all like, "I'm so hungry. I need protein. I'm so mad at my partner blah blah blah."