25 Things Romney Supporters Like About President Obama

I asked 25 college students at Lynn University to say ONE genuinely good thing about the person they’re voting against. Politics doesn’t have to be so mean after all.

1. “He believes in gay marriage.”

- Samantha

2. “The President seems like a very nice father.”

- Lauren

3. “He makes some really good speeches.”

- Tyler

4. “He believes women should have equal rights.”

- Michele and Chloe

5. “He’s from Hawaii.”

- Jordan

6. “His wife is very proactive.”

- Emily

7. “Obama’s a great father and loves his kids.”

- Mariah

8. “He really connects well with people.”

- Santiago

9. “He’s a very good speaker and he likes college basketball.”

- Matt

10. “Obama’s a great public speaker. He’s also a nice guy.”

- James

11. “He approves of gay marriage.”

- Steven

12. “Obama’s a good family man.”

- Adara

13. “He’s done a pretty good job dealing with what he was given.”

- Sarah

14. “Obama’s likable. He gets the young audience into politics.”

- Paul

15. “He’s really good at selling his ideas.”

- Andy

16. “He seems like a nice guy.”

- Andy

17. “He’s the first black president. That’s a pretty great accomplishment and he will go down in history for that.”

- Ryan

18. “Obama’s good with foreign politics. He can communicate well with other countries.”

- Tyler

19. “He seems like a cool guy. I’ve seen some funny videos of him on YouTube.”

- Tim

20. “I really like that he’s accepting and into equal rights.”

- Sabrina

21. “Obama’s very good at communicating to the people of the United States.”

- Haley

22. “It’s great that he lets kids stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26.”

- Sarah

23. “He’s good with the middle class and poor people.”

- Youssef

24. “I like that the President is taking time with Iran. If it was Bush he’s already be at war. I also liked when he sang Al Green. That was boss.”

- David

25. “He has nice skin.”

- Brooke

All photos by me.

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