25 Things Obama Supporters Like About Mitt Romney

I asked 25 college students at Lynn University to say ONE genuinely good thing about the person they’re voting against. Politics doesn’t have to be so mean after all.

1. “I like that he’s a Pisces.”

- Tiarsha

2. “Romney’s a good businessman. He would definitely help our economy.”

- Dale

3. “He would be a good car salesman.”

- Danny

4. “He seems like he knows what he’s talking about.”

- Daria

5. “I like that Romney’s very pro-Israel.”

- Rayna

6. “Romney has nice hair.”

- Erica

7. “He’s aggressive… in a good way.”

- Kayla

8. “Romney did a good job in Massachusetts.”

- Dean

9. “He knows his office supplies.”

- Sarah

10. “He’s clean-cut. He has a great appearance on stage.”

- Ben

11. “He has the country’s best interest.”

- Jeremy

12. “He thinks education is important.”

- Ryan

13. “I like his voice.”

- Jordan

14. “He picked a hot vice president.”

- Carly

15. “He’s a smart, intelligent smooth talker.”

- Maya

16. “Mitt Romney is charismatic.”

- Chandra

17. “He cares about education.”

- Danielle

18. “I like that Romney gives money to the Mormon Church.”

- Qwame

19. “Romney’s a good businessman.”

- Nathaniel

20. “I like that Romney’s attacking and criticizing Obama for breaking his promises. He has that right, and I think that’s a good thing.”

21. “Romney’s not saying bad things about the Cayman Islands. I’m from there, and I saw a commercial Obama had criticizing Romney’s accounts in the Caymans.”

- Whitney

22. “Romney’s against abortion. I like that.”

- Ricardo

23. “Romney’s a great husband and father.”

- Sachania

24. “He’s a good debater.”

- Morgan

25. “He’s hot.”

- Devin

All photos by me.

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