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25 Scary Reminders Of What A Hurricane Can Do To The Northeast

A terrifying look back at Hurricane Irene.

Lots of people are downplaying Hurricane Sandy because they're saying Hurricane Irene wasn't a big deal.

But that isn't true. Hurricane Irene was the 5th costliest Atlantic Hurricane of ALL TIME.

Still don't believe me? Here's a reminder of what Hurricane Irene did to the Northeast:

1. Windham, New York

2. Harwington, Connecticut

3. Vermont

4. Fairhaven, Massachusetts

5. Princeton, New Jersey

6. Governor Cuomo's car driving through Margaretville, New York

7. Fleischmanns, New York

8. Margaretville, New York

9. Route 100 in Vermont


10. Tannersville, New York

11. Windham, New York


12. Mendon, Vermont

13. Ocean City, Maryland

14. Patchogue, New York

15. Brooklyn, New York

16. Woodstown, New Jersey

17. Margaretville, New York


Berit Baugher / Via

19. Vermont

20. Brandon, Vermont

21. Vermont

22. Newark, New Jersey

23. Scoharie, New York

24. Scotia, New York

25. Newark, Delaware

And as you can see in this gif, Hurricane Sandy is much bigger than Irene. Be safe!

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