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25 People Breaking Their Legs

The first video clip I saw today was this horrific leg break. Naturally, I decided to seek out more broken leg videos. There's just something about a floppy leg. But anyways, enjoy 25 videos of broken legs. These aren't for the faint at heart.

  • 25.Houston wide receiver snapped

  • 24.Alabama receiver ruined

  • 23.DeAndre Brown breaks

  • 22.Cage rage

  • 21.Whoever said the WWF was fake hasnt seen this

  • 20.Buzzer beater

  • 19.Real life Gumby

  • 18.Napoleons knee

  • 17.Ed McCaffrey

  • 16.Ciscee

  • 15.Nathan Brown

  • 14.Blue team down

  • 13. OMG soccer

  • 10.Ski jumper

  • 9.Ninja girl

  • 8.Tennis

  • 7.Kids wrestling

  • 6.Motorcycle accident

  • 5.France vs China

  • 4.Get Mom

  • 3.Weightlifting

  • 2.The hottest newest broken leg

  • 1.Basketball dunk OUCH