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22 Kids That (Probably) Hate Mother's Day

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with kids who probably hate their mom? Here's a roundup (with videos) of some of these little mom haters. Luvya Mom!

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  • 1. The Kid That Slapped His Mom On Dr. Phil: This piece of work (as my mom would say) slaps his mom around the 2 minute mark. Mom hater.

  • 2. Stacey's Mom's Daughter: This girl has extreme mom envy.

  • 3.Sports Mom's Kid: Imagine if this was your mom? Embarrassing.

  • 4.The Children Of Slutty Talk Show Moms Who Need Makeovers

  • 5.The Kid Named Hitler: This kid will forever be reminded that his mother named him Adolf Hitler. Shame.

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  • 6.Roller Coaster Girl: How could this girl ever forget her mothers mocking laughter?

  • 7.Computer Kid: I could never forgive my mother for doing this to my computer. EVER.

  • 8.Child Beauty Queens

  • 9.Only When You Give Me Cookies Kid

  • 10.Britney Spears Dancing Boy: This is like my biggest fear. Screw you mom, I just wanna dance!

  • 11.Stuart: Im pretty sure Stuart would rather be momless.

  • 12.The Children Of The God Warrior

  • 13.Kyle: Because no one likes his mom.

  • 14.Mom Beater: Ruthless!

  • 15.Children Of The Corn Kids: Parent killers!

  • 16.Stewie

  • 17.The Kid Who Told His Mom He Was An Atheist

  • 18.Matilda: Matilda is only happy without her mother (as seen in the video below)

  • 19.Teenage Stripper Girls

  • 20.MySpace Mom's Daughter: Id be pissed at my mom if she only talked to me through MySpace. Its not even Facebook.

  • 21.Prank Kid: Only a mom hater would pull such a horrible prank on their mother.

  • 22.Victoria From Maury: Im pretty sure Victoria doesn't get along very well with her mom.