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Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on May 9, 2009

22 Kids That (Probably) Hate Mother's Day

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with kids who probably hate their mom? Here's a roundup (with videos) of some of these little mom haters. Luvya Mom!

  • 1. The Kid That Slapped His Mom On Dr. Phil: This piece of work (as my mom would say) slaps his mom around the 2 minute mark. Mom hater.

  • 2. Stacey's Mom's Daughter: This girl has extreme mom envy.

  • 3.Sports Mom's Kid: Imagine if this was your mom? Embarrassing.

  • 4.The Children Of Slutty Talk Show Moms Who Need Makeovers

  • 5.The Kid Named Hitler: This kid will forever be reminded that his mother named him Adolf Hitler. Shame.

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  • 6.Roller Coaster Girl: How could this girl ever forget her mothers mocking laughter?

  • 7.Computer Kid: I could never forgive my mother for doing this to my computer. EVER.

  • 8.Child Beauty Queens

  • 9.Only When You Give Me Cookies Kid

  • 10.Britney Spears Dancing Boy: This is like my biggest fear. Screw you mom, I just wanna dance!

  • 11.Stuart: Im pretty sure Stuart would rather be momless.

  • 12.The Children Of The God Warrior

  • 13.Kyle: Because no one likes his mom.

  • 14.Mom Beater: Ruthless!

  • 15.Children Of The Corn Kids: Parent killers!

  • 16.Stewie

  • 17.The Kid Who Told His Mom He Was An Atheist

  • 18.Matilda: Matilda is only happy without her mother (as seen in the video below)

  • 19.Teenage Stripper Girls

  • 20.MySpace Mom's Daughter: Id be pissed at my mom if she only talked to me through MySpace. Its not even Facebook.

  • 21.Prank Kid: Only a mom hater would pull such a horrible prank on their mother.

  • 22.Victoria From Maury: Im pretty sure Victoria doesn't get along very well with her mom.

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