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21 Ways 1999 Could Have Been Completely Different

Your mind is about to be blown.

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21. This alternate version of "I Want It That Way" that sounds completely different than the one you know and love could have been released.

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The alternate version was recorded because producers thought the original version didn't make any sense. This version was never officially released, but it was played on radio a few times.

If you haven't heard this version, it will blow your mind.

20. Also, Ryan Gosling could have been in the music video.


Ryan Gosling was asked to join the Backstreet Boys by AJ McLean when he lived in a house with him during the Mickey Mouse Club years. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED?


18. Moreover, the "Baby One More Time" music video could have been about a cartoon superhero.

The original concept was supposed to be Britney as a cartoon superhero. Britney hated it and instead wanted to do the school-girl concept. Here's a random fact: All the clothes in this music video were from K-Mart. Not one item in the video cost $17.


9. Jay-Z could still be in jail.

In 1999, Jay-Z plead guilty to felony charges for stabbing a record executive, and he faced a potential 15 years in prison. He ended up with only three years of probation.


1. Auto-Tune could have never happened.

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Auto-Tune was originally called the "Cher effect." It was popularized after Cher's "Believe" became a massive hit in 1999. The song is believed to be the first song to use it.

So, basically, without "Believe," there might have never been Auto-Tune.