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20 Photos That Could Change Someone's Mind About Gay Marriage

The most effective argument for gay marriage.

1. This picture of Paul Harris and his partner of 39 years receiving their marriage license in Vancouver, Washington.

2. This photo of Jonathan Mintz, John Feinblatt, and their daughters after their wedding ceremony.

3. This photo of 76-year-old Phyllis Siegel kissing her wife after exchanging vows at the Manhattan City Clerk's office.

4. And this photo of them shortly after.

5. This photo of Joseph and Jim from NYC shortly after being wed.

6. This photo of 72-year-old Philippe and 86-year-old Byron awaiting to be married in 2011.

7. Also this photo of them leaving. Have I mentioned they have been together for 51 years?

8. These two photos of Douglas Robinson and Michael Elsasser celebrating right after their marriage became official.


10. Wendy Torrington jumping with joy with her wife after leaving the Manhattan clerk's office a married couple.

11. Erika Karp and Sari Kessler right before their marriage ceremony.

12. Luz Heurtelou and Nastassia Heurtelou before their wedding in Brooklyn.

13. Ruth Johansen Diaz and Evelyn Johansen Diaz embracing after marrying in Washington Square Park in NYC.

14. Sabrina Velez being overcome with emotion while waiting in line to get married in New York.

15. This photo from 2010 of gay couples waiting in line to be married in California.

16. This picture of Jay Fischer and Michael Lehrman waiting in line to get married.

17. Rocky Galloway embracing his new husband, Reginald Stanley, after being married on the first day of legal gay marriage in Washington, DC.

18. These two guys getting married in Washington.

19. This photo of Drew Glick and Alan Myles leaving the New York courthouse after getting married.

20. And one more of Phyllis and Connie, because why not.