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    37 "Hot Guy Things" That Definitely Aren't "Hot Guy Things" Anymore


    1. Guys with super flat-ironed hair and that made this face in every pic they took:

    Pete Wentz on a red carpet with flat ironed bangs and making a side grunt face

    2. Guys who wore suggestive graphic tees:

    A photo of Chris Pratt wearing a green T-shirt with "Take Me For A Ride" written on it.

    3. Guys with this "bangs for days" haircut:

    Zac Efron with a side bang hairstyle/

    4. Guys who just, like, dry humped the air in a congo line:

    5. Guys who enjoyed giving each other wet willies while eating pizza:

    6. Guys who wore zippered skin-tight baby tees:

    7. Guys who, just like, slapped their own asses:

    8. Any guy with a bowl/mushroom cut:

    Nick carter with a bowl cut

    9. Guys who were really into patriotism:

    NSYNC in an american flag

    10. Guys with thermals under short-sleeve T-shirts (but especially graphic tees) and polos:

    A photo of John Cho wearing a white thermal underneath a dark gray polo.

    11. Guys who weren't afraid to expose a tit or two:

    A photo of singer Don Philip wearing a black button-up shirt with only one button in the center buttoned.

    12. Also those pants, ooh lala:

    A photo of singer Don Philip wearing a black button-up shirt with only one button in the center buttoned.

    13. Guys who wore fedoras they got as part of a mob costume they bought at Party City:

    A photo of Ashton Kutcher on stage receiving a Teen Choice surfboard award while wearing a black fedora.

    14. Guys who liked having hot wax poured on their chest:

    15. Bucket hats you would get at a carnival or fair:

    o-town guy in a bucket hat

    16. Any guy with extremely spiky gelled-up hair:

    A photo of Freddie Prinze Jr. in a suit with spiky frosted tip hair.

    17. And ESPECIALLY spiky tips that were frosted:

    A close-up shot of Freddie Prinze Jr.'s lavender frosted tips.

    18. Or if spiky gelled frosted tips wasn't quite your thing, then you always had uncooked ramen noodle hair:

    19. Guys with extremely baggy cargo shorts:

    Back Street Boys' Howie Dorough wearing baggy green cargo pants and a Von Dutch cap:

    20. Guys who were really into bedazzling:

    o-town guy with a bedazzld yankees uniform

    21. Any guy wearing this exact "going out for the night" outfit:

    Aaron Paul on the red carpet for a Teen Vogue even wearing baggy distressed bootcut jeans and a stripped button down.

    22. Guys in teen movies who wore corduroy newsboy caps:

    Aaron Paul in a corduroy newsboy cap

    23. Honestly, most of Aaron Paul's mid-'00s wardrobe was "hot guy" attire:

    Aaron Paul wearing a puffy vest and all umatching clothing

    24. Guys who wore matching track suits without shirts:

    A photo of B2K wearing matching light black tracksuits.

    25. Any guy who wore beaded and shelled necklaces — preferably puka:

    A photo of Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez on stage at each wearing several shell and beaded necklaces.

    26. Guys with *the* Ryan Cabrera haircut:

    A photo of Ryan Cabrera with wildly spiky hair and blonde highlights.

    27. Guys who could only figure out one button:

    28. Guys who were really good at making dramatic hand movements:

    A photo of the Backstreet Boys in velvet suits with Nick Carter making magic hands.

    29. Guys who hung out together in piles of stuffed animals:

    A photo of the Backstreet Boys lying on a bunch of stuffed animals.

    30. Guys with heavily manicured chin straps:

    JC with a chin strap

    31. Guys with itty bitty soul patches:

    Ty pennington with a tiny soul patch

    32. Guys wearing giant striped ties as necklaces:

    a guy with a large tie he is using as a necklace

    33. Guys with faux hawks:

    A photo of David Beckham during a practice sporting a faux hawks.

    Bonus points if they were frosted.

    A photo of David Beckham during a practice sporting a faux hawks.

    34. Guys with shredded clothing:

    Lance Bass wearing an ivory knitted turtle neck sweater with a the entire bottom portion ripped.

    35. Guys with reflective leather clothing:

    NSYNC wearing all leather outfits with reflective accents.

    36. Any of the guys who had to stand shirtless outside an Abercrombie in the mall in distressed bootcut jeans or baggy cargo pants:

    A shirtless guy waving at the camera while standing in front of an Abercrombie & Fitch.

    37. And finally, literally any guy who worked at Hollister and rocked weirdly, almost green-tinted distressed jeans with Hollister logo tees:

    Jessie McCartney standing inside a Hollister.