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13 Times Kylie Jenner Was Relatably Awkward

Pictures of Kylie Jenner before she was Kylie Jenner.

It's easy to forget that Kylie Jenner wasn't just suddenly the Kylie Jenner we know today. Kylie, yes even Kylie, went through an awkward style phase and by awkward style phase I mean the "middle school" period we have ALL experienced.

Let's celebrate literally everyone's "middle school phase" with a collection of pictures because frankly, it's easy to forget that she didn't always work it for the camera like she does now.

1. This classic "mom made me take a picture before going to the community center for the school dance" picture.

2. The "mom, you got your picture, seriously stop" picture.

3. *Walks into a middle school drama club meeting once*

4. *Stands in front of the class to talk about "Animal Farm"*

5. This general middle school angst picture.

6. And, just like, this classic awkward smile.

7. This weird gun ring she prob got at Claire's.

8. This dress that was definitely her mom's.

9. This picture that screams "mom, do I really have to take this picture with cousin Kory who I don't even know?!"

10. This classic "I swear to God, mom, I don't want a picture with Uncle Steve" picture.

11. Everything about this picture.

12. This picture that is literally every picture of me at 14.

13. And this classic "look at this candy necklace aren't we so random?!" picture.

Note: The title and some of the content of the post was changed to better reflect the intention of the post. These pictures of Kylie are me, you, and everyone in our middle school phase, arguably the funniest phase of everyone's life.