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17 Controversial Teenage TV Situations

Sex, drugs, stealing, partying, and eating disorders. What's not to love about teen sitcoms?! In celebration of Saved By The Bell's 20th anniversary, check out this round up of some of the most memorable (and controversial) moments in teenage discovery. If you've never seen the Punky Brewster clip, you will die.

  • 17.Davids Meth Addiction

  • 16.Six Has A Stealing Problem

  • 15.Helen Hunt Pushes Dope

  • 14.Everything From Degrassi

  • 13.The High Feather Kids Deal With Diabetes

  • 12.7th Heaven Talks About Sex

  • 11.No Hope With Dope

  • 10.Hannah Montanas Banned Diabetes Episode

  • 9.Lizzie McGuire And Eating Disorders

  • 8.Stephanies Smoking Temptation

  • 7.Boy Meets World Takes On Abuse

  • 6.Moesha Gets Drugged

  • 5.Obligatory

  • 4.Carlton Takes Speed

  • 3.Willis Smoking Grass

  • 2.D.J. Has An Eating Disorder

  • 1.The Best TV Drug Moment EVER

  • I'm sure I forgot a ton so post more. I can't get enough.

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