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13 Reasons Why You Should Give Justin Bieber A Chance

Don't fight the fever. Even you can like Bieber.

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  • 1. He's not part of the Disney machine

    Bieber is an underdog: When he was pitched to record labels they told him he didn't stand a chance without Disney or a TV show. Well, fuck that. Bieber did it on his own.

  • 2. He's a grass roots success

    Bieber is one of the first legit "YouTube sensations." He was discovered on YouTube by a record exec.

  • 3. He is really talented (and bilingual!)

    In this clip, Bieber sings a medley of three songs. The first is in French. FRENCH. He also replaces "Baby" with "Haiti." "Haiti, Haiti, Haiti, Ohhhh." Genius!

  • 4. 16-year-olds can be good musicians too!

    Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Michael Jackson were all famous at 16.

  • 5. All teen idols go through an awkward hair stage

    Remember Justin Timberlake's frosted jheri curls?

  • 6. He's charming, but not douchey

    I don't really get a douchey vibe from Bieber. When he hits on Barbara Walters, I'm like "awww."

  • 7. Conan and Bieber have a ~thing~

    Conan is all about Bieber lately. His Twitter is practically dedicated to him.

  • 8. He's into animal rights

    Bieb loves his dog. He's the face of PETA2. Adopt! Nice!

  • 9. "Bieb"

    It's just fun to say it. Try it. "Bieb."

  • 10. It's pretty cool to see a 16-year-old hanging out with Usher and Ludacris

    The kid gets Chinese food with Usher. That's cool.

  • 11. His new CD is good!

    Rollingstone says: Those who dismiss Bieber out of hand are missing out on a seriously good pop record, one that mines vintage teen-pop themes but plays like a primer on 2010-model bubblegum.

  • 12. He doesn't like Uggs

    Yes! Me too!

  • 13. You can't fight a good pop song

    Think: "I Want It That Way" "Since You've Been Gone" "Bad Romance." "Baby" is a GREAT pop song.