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The Best Celebrity Impersonators of 2009

Last week I posted an ill-informed and badly researched list of what I thought were the worst celebrity impersonators. I apologize for it now because I didn't understand the impersonating industry. From your comments I learned a lot. I learned there's a difference between impersonators and look-alike's. I learned that it really isn't fair to judge a persons career based on one stupid picture. I also learned that being an impersonator is a great job where you can make a lot of money (way way more $ than me!) I learned about the talent it takes to make a good impersonator. There's a lot of up keep! Lastly, I learned about the Reel Awards. Each year industry professionals award people in the industry for their impersonations. This list is actually the 13 winners from this years ceremony. They're the cream of the crop. One last thing: Make sure you check out their websites. This site has some great impersonators. How funny would it be to have a MiMi impersonator at your party! lol

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  • Best Comedy Act

    Anne Kissel won this years comedy award for her impression of Roseanne Barr. Her MySpace says she's 101, but I bet that's comedy lol. Anyways, check out her MySpace.

  • Best Tribute Band

    Carlene Mitchell won this years Tribute Band Award for her Dream Girls group. The Examiner has a really nice article about her career.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    Lynn "Win" Roberts is best known for his Bob Hope, but he does a bajillion others. Check his website out.

  • Best Actor

    Brent Mendenhall does a pretty mean George Bush. Here he is in a Hindi movie called Mission Istanbul. Check out his site

  • News Hound Award

    I'm not really sure what this award is, but I do know that John Allen (this years winner) won 2008's Best Actor.

  • Best Actress

    Dawnn Behrens won best actress for Anna Nicole Smith. She also does a really good Marilyn Monroe. This may actually be a Marilyn picture. Marilyn and Anna were like twins, anyways. This blingee is from her MySpace.

  • Rising Star

    This years "Best New Artist" is Carla DelVillaggio. Visit ~Simply Streisand.

  • Country's Hottest Hitter Award

    CJ King has some pipes, that's for sure. She also does Cyndi Lauper. Check out more videos at her YouTube.

  • Pop N Rock for Reel Award

    This years pop music award went to Chris America. Check out her website

  • R & B Feelin' Good Award

    Samira also won this same award in 2008. She's real good. Here she is in China. Visit her website: Truly Tina.

  • Classic Crooner Of The Year

    Suzanne Goulet is a triple threat. She sings, dances, and acts just like Liza Minelli. Check out her site.

  • Impersonator You Love to Work With

    Talk about dead ringer. And nice to work with. Check out his site.

  • Most Professional Impersonator

    I falsely called Greg Thompson a bad impersonator in my other post, but to be totally honest, I called him that because Austin Powers kinda freaks me out. I think it's the teeth. But anyways, turns out Greg Thompson is a great guy to work with. Check out his MySpace. This video is of Greg opening an impersonating convention.