• Best Comedy Act

    Anne Kissel won this years comedy award for her impression of Roseanne Barr. Her MySpace says she’s 101, but I bet that’s comedy lol. Anyways, check out her MySpace.

  • Best Tribute Band

    Carlene Mitchell won this years Tribute Band Award for her Dream Girls group. The Examiner has a really nice article about her career.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    Lynn “Win” Roberts is best known for his Bob Hope, but he does a bajillion others. Check his website out.

  • Best Actor

    Brent Mendenhall does a pretty mean George Bush. Here he is in a Hindi movie called Mission Istanbul. Check out his site gwbushimpersonator.com.

  • News Hound Award

    I’m not really sure what this award is, but I do know that John Allen (this years winner) won 2008’s Best Actor.

  • Best Actress

    Dawnn Behrens won best actress for Anna Nicole Smith. She also does a really good Marilyn Monroe. This may actually be a Marilyn picture. Marilyn and Anna were like twins, anyways. This blingee is from her MySpace.

  • Rising Star

    This years “Best New Artist” is Carla DelVillaggio. Visit ~Simply Streisand.

  • Country’s Hottest Hitter Award

    CJ King has some pipes, that’s for sure. She also does Cyndi Lauper. Check out more videos at her YouTube.

  • Pop N Rock for Reel Award

    This years pop music award went to Chris America. Check out her website Chrisamerica.net

  • R & B Feelin’ Good Award

    Samira also won this same award in 2008. She’s real good. Here she is in China. Visit her website: Truly Tina.

  • Classic Crooner Of The Year

    Suzanne Goulet is a triple threat. She sings, dances, and acts just like Liza Minelli. Check out her site.

  • Impersonator You Love to Work With

    Talk about dead ringer. And nice to work with. Check out his site.

  • Most Professional Impersonator

    I falsely called Greg Thompson a bad impersonator in my other post, but to be totally honest, I called him that because Austin Powers kinda freaks me out. I think it’s the teeth. But anyways, turns out Greg Thompson is a great guy to work with. Check out his MySpace. This video is of Greg opening an impersonating convention.