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12 Worst Male Enhancement Commercials (Probably NSFW)

Male enhancement commercials have to be just about the most awkward yet greatest and funniest and trashiest things ever. Having said that, check out my picks for the top 12 worst male enhancement commercials. Special thanks to the Fresno Bee for introducing me to the magical Post-T-Vac pump, which gave me the inspiration and drive to create this list!

  • 12. Big Willy Oil: Simplicity at its finest.

  • 11. The Scariest Thing Ever

  • 10. Is This Porn?

  • 9. Camel's and Robot's and Cartoon's

  • 8. "Thick As My Wrist And Long As My Arm"

  • 7. The Post-T-Vac Penis Enlarger Pump

  • 6. I Thought Bruschetta Was An Italian Meat

  • 5. Guns

  • 4. The Grab Test

  • 3. Anything With Bob

  • 2. Tony Little

  • 1. This Train Wreck Of Testimonials (And More Bruschetta)

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