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12 Things I Learned From The Saved By The Bell Oil Spill Episode

You can learn a lot about yourself, oil, and Bayside from this episode. I've basically learned everything I know from SBTB.

  • 1. Never play baseball by a pond

  • 2. Lisa likes turtles

  • 3. Ducks make great pets

  • 4. Mr. Belding grew up on a farm

  • 5. Saved By The Bell is kinda racist

  • 6. Jessie Spano is almost always right

  • 7. Slater looks really gay covered in oil

  • 8. "You never get something for nothing" - Zach Morris

  • 9. "Accidents happen a lot with oil companies, then they just slip out of being responsible for them" - Jessie Spano

  • 10. Slater has the gayest wardrobe

  • 11. "I'm afraid it's going to take more than a few dead animals to change their (the oil companies) minds" - Mr. Belding

  • 12. Bayside rocks!

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