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    12 Funniest Celebrity Commencement Speeches

    Here is a collection w/ videos of the 12 funniest commencement speeches by celebrities. Basically Harvard gets all the goods. And yes, that is Chuck Norris. I'd want Chuck Norris over someone like Will Ferrell and Sascha Baron Cohen anyways. Screw Harvard.

    • 12.Dolly Parton At The University Of Tennessee 2009

  • 11.Larry Tribe Thanks For Boning At NYU 2008

  • 10.Jodie Foster Quotes Eminem At UPenn 2006

  • 9.Barack Obama Picks The Wrong Team At ASU 2009

  • 8.Bill Clinton Diabeetis At Knox College 2006

  • 7.Jimmy Fallon At St. Rose 2009

  • 6.Seth MacFarlane As Stewie, Quagmire, and Peter Griffin At Harvard 2006

  • 5.Chuck Norris At Liberty College 2008

  • 4.Conan At Harvard 2000

  • 3.Sascha Baron Cohen As Ali G At Harvard 2004

  • 2.Stephen Colbert At Knox College 2006

  • 1.Will Ferrell At Harvard 2003

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