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111 Reasons Why Upstate New York Is The Best Place In The World

And no, we're not talking about Westchester OR Buffalo.

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1. Stewart's

2. Stewart's ice cream

3. Stewart's iced tea

4. Stewart's milkshakes

5. And also coming up with nicknames for Stewart's (i.e., Stewie's)


4. Billy Fucillo

5. Easy access to the biggest state park in the country, the Adirondack State Park

6. The Great Escape

7. Melba sauce (mmmmmm)

8. Garbage plates

9. Friendly's after a football game

10. Bombers burritos and also the GIANT FREE MARGARITA on your birthday

11. Lake George mini-vacations

12. Snow days

13. Cold days (aka missing school because it's too cold)

14. The Catskills

15. Having the innate ability to drive in snow and laughing at people who can't

16. Close proximity to both New York City and Boston

17. Four distinct and legit seasons

18. Nor'easters

19. Actually understanding lacrosse (sort of)

20. Damn good fall foliage

21. 24-hour grocery stores

22. Snow forts

23. Saratoga in the summer

24. SPAC

25. Gambling for the first time at the track

26. Hot tubs

27. Waking up at 5 a.m. and going to Countryfest even if you don't like country music

28. Developing a true understanding and tolerance for cold weather

29. Learning how to ski

30. Learning how to snowboard

31. Actually spending most of your time hanging out in ski lodges

32. Haunted hay rides

33. Quality diners

34. Knowing where Uncle Sam was buried

35. Actually understanding "Ithaca Is Gorges" shirts

36. Rooting for Syracuse

37. Hating Red Sox fans

38. Hating Yankees fans

39. Feeling pity for Mets fans

40. The intense joy and deep sorrow you feel when snow melts

41. Literally the entire month of May

42. Tulips

43. Getting drunk in the woods in high school

44. Late-night Taco Bell or Mighty Taco runs

45. Jumping Jacks

46. Wegmans

47. Dinosaur BBQ

48. Going to summer camp at least once during childhood

49. Making camp friends forever

50. Locks (as in the ones in rivers)

51. Riding or running along bike paths

52. Being able to have a dog — SPACE

53. The Altamont Fair, the Duchess County Fair, the State Fair — FAIRS

54. Going to DMB concerts in the summer (even if you hate them)

55. Apple picking

56. Running into a bee's nest while apple picking, surviving

57. Hot Bruegger's bagels... so many good bagel places EVERYWHERE

58. Bragging to everyone about how The Place Beyond The Pines was literally filmed at your bank

59. Eating an entire box of Freihofer's cookies

60. Alive at 5


61. Intense pride in the TWO Lake Placid Olympics

62. Also the Miracle on Ice

63. Hating Ichabod Crane's snow days with every fiber of your being

64. Old Dutch houses, the Dutch influence in general

65. Kind of understanding "lake-effect snow"

66. Spiedies

67. "The No. 1 in family fun... WILD YOU BET!"

68. Saranac beer

69. UBU Ale

70. Having a deep understanding of which bug spray works best

71. Herkimer diamonds

72. Brook's Barbecue

73. Anchor bar

74. The Boilermaker Road Race

75. Fish Fry with a side of Loganberry soda... or pop

76. Chicken riggies




80. GEEEEEE!!!!"

81. Cliff jumping

82. Surviving Kegs and Eggs

83. Surving Fountain Day

84. Genesee Cream Ale

85. Having friends convince you to go to Cortaca

86. Siena basketball and hoping they make it into March Madness every year

87. The River Rats

88. The Diamond Dogs

89. Having a deep and vast knowledge of lakes/rivers

90. Byrne Dairy chocolate milk

91. Stewart's milk runs...

92. Did we mention Stewart's yet?

92. Knowing NYS geography based on the locations of SUNY schools

93. Salt potatoes

94. Owning at least one North Face jacket

95. Driving on I-87 once you get past Lake George, calling it the Northway

96. Wineries in the Finger Lakes

97. Howe Caverns

98. Tackling your fears by riding The Comet for the first time

99. I Love NY Pizza

100. Knowing what GOOD Buffalo chicken wings taste like

101. The high peaks

102. Hiking, in general

103. Leaf piles

104. The Metro North railroad

105. Truly appreciating the power of snowblower

106. Having friends with camps

107. Having friends with boats

108. Having friends with a furnished basement to get drunk in during high school

109. Drive-ins

110. Volunteering to be put into the trunk to get in free into the drive-ins

110. Bonfires

111. And of course, the immense pride that comes with telling people where the REAL upstate New York is. GET OUT OF HERE, WESTCHESTER.