105 People That You Probably Haven’t Thought About In Over 10 Years

Alternate list title: “105 People Who Were Relevant 10 Years Ago But Not So Much Today.”

1. The guy Britney Spears married in Vegas for 48 hours

2. Bam Margera
3. April Margera
4. Phil Margera

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5. Uncle Vito

6. Ryan Cabrera’s huge hair
7. Ashlee Simpson’s old nose
(I realize these last two list items aren’t people, they’re more so “entities”)

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8-9. Rob & Amber from Survivor

People Magazine

10. Rupert from Survivor
11. Hoobastank
12. Greg from Dharma and Greg (Unless you watch Criminal Minds)

13. J-Kwon


14. Christina Milian
15. Kevin Lyttle
16. Los Lonely Boys
17. Nina Sky
18. Chingy
19. Akon
20 Baby Bash


21. Anna Nicole Smith’s cousin, Shelly


22. Amy Lee

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24-25. The Ying Yang Twins
26. Ashanti
27. Ja Rule

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28. Fat Star Jones
29. Pedro, as in Vote For Pedro
30. Jon Heder
31. Lafawnduh
32. Uncle Rico
33. Tina, the alpaca


34. The Rich Girls (Ally Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher).

35. William Hung.

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36. Joe Millionaire
37. The girl who won, Zora

38. Sisqo
39. The little girl from the Missy Elliot videos

40. Ren Stevens
41. Gordo
42. Miranda
43. Cartoon Lizzie

44-51. S Club 7
52. Jett Jackson (RIP)
53. Mike “The Miz”
54. Beans

55. The littlest Lawrence brother

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56. Justin Guarini
57. Kimberly Locke


58. Chad Michael Murray

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59. David Gallagher

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60. Hayden Christiansen
61. The guy with the dreads from O-Town
62-63. Evan & Jaron
64. The little brother from Lizzie McGuire
65. The little brother’s friend from Lizzie McGuire who never spoke

66. Nelly’s bandaid
67. Damien from MTV
68. Brian McFayden
69. Suchin Pak from MTV
70. Hillarie from MTV
71. Basically any VJ from the post-Carson Daly TRL hosting era

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66. Vitamin C
67. Gnarls Barkley
68. Eamon
69. Debelah Morgan
70. Teddy Geiger


71. Simple Plan (no idea who was even in that band)
72. Yellowcard (also have no idea who was in that band)
73. Daddy Yankee
74. Paige Davis from Trading Spaces

75. Trishelle from the Real World: Las Vegas
76. Robyn from the Real World: San Diego
77. Frankie from the Real World: San Diego (RIP. The best cast member of that season tbh)

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78. Ruthie from the Real World: Hawaii
79. Amaya from Real World: Hawaii
80. Danny’s hot “blurred face” military boyfriend from Real World: New Orleans
81. Melissa from Real World: New Orleans
82. Aneesa from Real World: Chicago

83. Neve Campbell
84. The guy with the weird eyes from Limp Bizkit

85. The people that weren’t Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach except maybe Kristin Cavallari.

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86. Shannon Elizabeth
87. Enrico Colantoni (the dad on Veronica Mars)

88. Victoria Gotti
89. Billy and Mandi from Temptation Island

90. Taina


91. Caroline Rhea
92. Beth Broderick

93. Ryan Merriman

94. DJ Qualls

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95. DJ Skribble

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96. Leelee Sobieski
97. Viggo Mortensen
98. Jonny Moseley
99. Ryan Pinkston
100. The Osbourne that didn’t agree to be on the Osbournes, I think her name was Amy
101. Cheyenne Kimball


102. Erik von Detten

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103. Bill Bellamy
104. Gideon Yago
105. The white guy from the “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” video

Correction: Some items have been edited because apparently everyone watches Criminal Minds and the WWE except me. ALSO, while I know you remember most of these people, the point of this list is that these people aren’t talked about NEARLY as much as they used to be. Thank you and goodnight.

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