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10 Reasons Why Maury Povich Thinks You Should Break Up

Listen to Maury! He's been doing this for more than 20 years. [All screen caps via my new favorite Tumblr: Holy Maury Mother Of God.]

  • 1. You find someone else's tooth in your house

  • 2. You suspect your daughter is dating a male prostitute

  • 3. Your husband bites you over a sandwich

  • 4. You find stains in your boyfriend's boxers

  • 5. Your significant other is getting hickeys from the dog?

  • 6. Your boyfriend exposes himself to a sexy decoy

  • 7. You are dating an older woman

  • 8. You are at war on the internet

  • 9. You are sleeping with your fiance's mother

  • 10. This happened to you

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