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10 Reasons Why I Should Premiere A Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" Teaser (Please!!)

If you didn't already know, which is you probably do, Britney is releasing a clip every day of her legendary new music video, HOLD IT AGAINST ME. This, right here, is my plea to Britney & Adam (her manager) to let BuzzFeed premiere a clip. I'll make it go viral. I promise. I LOVE YOU. HELP MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE.

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  • 1. I am the biggest Britney fan in the world and the entire universe. Proof:

  • 2. I celebrate Britney's birthday every year:

  • 3. I wrote this, for real:

  • 4. My Christmas card, for real:

  • 5. I've read your books over and over and over and over:

  • 6. I've always thought you were the best, better than the rest (Failtina):

  • 7. My stand up collection:

  • 8. I LOVE "Hold It Against Me"

  • 9. BuzzFeed loves "Hold It Against Me"

  • 10. We'll make the clip go viral!!!