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Top 10 Videos Of Kids Stealing Cars

Here are 10 videos of little kids stealing cars. As Latarian Milton once said, "Bad things are fun to do." Right?

  • 1. Latarian Milton: The Most Famous Child Car Thief Ever

  • 2. The 7-Year-Old Who Stole A Car To Avoid Church

    The best part of this video is when the kid stops the car, gets out, and runs away.

  • 3. 5-Year-Old Steals A Pick-Up

    This is the best video of a child actually getting in the car and driving away with it.

  • 4. 9-Year-Old Leads Police On 80 MPH Speed Chase

    I like this one because you see a 4' tall kid handcuffed.

  • 5. 6th-Grader Steals A Mini-Van

    This one's funny because the narrator uses the expressions "terrible tweener" and "prepubescent perp."

  • 6. 14-Year-Old Girl Gets Arrested For Stealing 5 Cars in 5 Months

    Kind of scary.

  • 7. Kid Steals Car, Wanted To Go To Applebees

    This would make a cute commercial.

  • 8. 12-Year-Old Steals Keys From A Beauty Supply Shop

    He also got away with it.

  • 9. 6-Year-Old Really Wanted To Get To School

    Not your average 6-year-old.

  • 10. 9-Year-Old Steals Car With His Sister