7 Teen Drama Stalkers

Because no teen story is complete without a stalker plot-line…

1. 1. The OC: Oliver Trask

Who could forget Marissa’s bestie Oliver with his casual cocaine habit and penthouse? Or the joy we all got when Ryan tackled him to the floor in the middle of the student lounge? Poor, poor Marissa, because you should alway trust the strange boy who wants to fly you to Paris after a week of knowing you over your steady boyfriend Ryan…nice work.

2. 2. One Tree Hill: Psycho Derek

his given name is Psycho Derek…Peyton’s fake brother/lover/stalker…because that’s how things go down in Tree Hill.

3. 3. One Tree Hill: Nanny Carrie

and let’s not forget Crazy Nanny Carrie.

4. 4. Gossip Girl: Dan Humphrey

because nothing says obsessive like creating a whole website dedicated to the cool kids at your school…

5. 5. Pretty Little Liars: Every Single Character…

They’re all A. They all stalk each other…and I don’t think I’ll ever understand what’s going on.

6. 6. Awkward: Jenna Lives

Three cheers for cashing in on your stalkerish tendencies with some witty apparel, Jenna Lives Guy.

7. 7. Hey Arnold: Helga Pataki

Not exactly a teen drama but still, Helga was our first introduction to love, and what a beautifully obsessive love it was, and for that Ms. Pataki, we thank you.

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