Your Busted Bracket Is Not The End Of The World

Now you can actually enjoy the tournament.

1. You thought you were ready for this year’s tournament.

2. You did your research and consulted your top advisors.

Pete Souza

3. You were confident about your bracket.

Democrat-Herald, Mark Ylen

4. Then the Madness started.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

5. And then it got madder…

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

6. And madder…

Harry How / Getty Images

7. And then soon enough a team you’ve never heard of…

8. Comes out of nowhere…

9. Sneaks up on you…

10. And eliminates your national champion.

11. And just when you say…

13. You start thinking “maybe an infant would have picked a better bracket.”

And maybe you’re right.

14. You’re ready to give up…

15. You’re about to swear off college basketball for good…

16. But cheer up, Charlie! The tournament is just getting started!

17. And you’re no longer a slave to that damn bracket!

18. Celebrate your freedom.

19. Now, you can root for the underdogs…

Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

20. Favorites…

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

21. Or even mascots.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

22. Just as long as you’re not rooting for these guys.

23. So stay right where you are.

24. Remember to load up on the essentials.

25. And enjoy the next couple weeks.

Elsa / Getty Images

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