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    You'll Never Guess What Kind of Drink Arnold Palmer Ordered At The Masters

    Okay: you MIGHT be able to guess.

    This is Arnold Palmer.

    He's the coolest human to ever swing a golf club...

    Or wear a cardigan sweater...

    Or smoke a cigarette...

    Or lean against a classic car.

    Kate Upton knows.

    But for you non-golf fans...

    He's the genius that invented the half-iced tea, half-lemonade concoction known as...

    The Arnold Palmer.

    Like β€” he actually claims to have invented this drink. A MAN OF MANY TALENTS.

    As one of golf's greatest ambassadors, Arnie is in Augusta, GA for the Masters, a tournament he won four times.

    According to reports, the Pennsylvanian who was nicknamed "The King" long before LeBron James was born has been getting a bit parched in the Peach State.

    So obviously, he ordered an Arnold Palmer.

    But how does someone order a drink named after himself without making the situation awkward?

    Well, thanks to the intrepid reporting of the Newark Star-Ledger's Steve Politi, we now know. He said:

    George Freston / Getty Images

    "And then he winked."

    h/t Steve Politi Newark Star-Ledger