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25 Things That Were Created To Piss Everyone Off

Even Gandhi be like "smh."

1. Price tag stickers:

2. People who do this on the train:

3. These "easy to open" boxes:

4. When someone forgets to remove a security tag:

5. Dumb, wasteful packaging:

6. Losing your spoon forever:

7. People who put their bags on seats:

8. Having to pay for the "print at home" option:

9. This fish filet:

10. M&M's' decision to put a bag inside a box:

11. People who block the intersection:

12. When the toilet paper is out of reach:

13. When you have to speak to someone on the other side of the glass:

14. Bullshit value packs:

15. When pizza is delivered like this:

16. This loaf of bread:

17. When some asshole does this:

18. When pencils sharpen like this:

19. People who don't know how to use butter:

20. Tabs on cans:

21. Pig parkers:

22. Getting a half-ass serving:

23. Animals who do this to their toothpaste:

24. Chopsticks that don't break cleanly:

25. And when a delivery takes the most asinine route ever: