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22 Times People On Facebook Issued Some Serious Justice


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1. When this dude got called out:

2. When Jesus turned the wheel the wrong way:

3. When Erin found out the plot of Romeo and Juliet:

4. When this person explained the definition of a waitress:

5. When this guy asked for a flux capacitor:

6. When this guy commented on how easy it is to NOT rape people:

7. When Star Wars pulled a Han Solo on Mark Zuckerberg:

8. When George Takei shut it down:

9. When this commenter explained how not all phone numbers have a lot of digits:

10. When this statement was proved false:

11. When this Facebook philosopher got destroyed:

12. When this blue-collar meme got dirty:

13. When this person misplaced a bunch of zeroes:

14. When this meme was reframed as human trafficking:

15. When this guy was living a Snickers commercial:

16. When Hugh Williams went looking for friends:

17. When this guy got a spelling lesson:

18. When this person got taken to Sunday school:

19. When this person pointed out the obvious:

20. When Campbell's got sassy:

21. When this person got jolted back to conscious thought:

22. And when Arnold terminated this follower:

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