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22 People Who Are Keeping "Yolo" Alive


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1. This pineapple head:

2. This calligrapher:

3. This world record holder:

4. This teacher chugging spicy brown mustard:

5. This car parked on Carless Street:

6. This mustache owner:

7. This rebel diver:

8. This little troublemaker:

9. This Dominos driver who invests his tips wisely:

10. This dude sneaking in the HOV lane:

11. These people who took the 4th floor stapler on a world tour:

12. This dude who prefers a V8 engine over a happy marriage:

13. This lottery winner:

14. This fucking badass:

15. The connoisseur of fine journalism:

16. This high flyer:

17. This baller of the frozen tundra:

18. This champion of the friendly skies:

19. This thirsty student:

20. Anyone who buys a vape slash cell phone case:

21. This speed racer living his best life:

22. And this cat who doesn't give a fuck that he's a walking stereotype:

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