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19 Funniest Tweets Of Famous Phrases Translated Into Yoda Speak


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1. Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic:

Big butts I like. Lie I can not. #YodaSpeakASaying

2. Ross's famous argument:

On a break were we !! #YodaSpeakASaying

3. This Monty Python quote:

“A hamster, your mother was. Smelt of elderberries, your father did. Your general direction, I fart in.” #YodaSpeakASaying

4. Drake's ode to booty calls:

blinged my hotline did, when called me you used to #yodaspeakasaying

5. This age-old phrase:

Is what it is, it is. #YodaSpeakASaying

6. This truth:

Dealt it, he who smelt it. #yodaspeakasaying

7. Donald Trump's recent word vomit:

"Schlonged, she was." #YodaSpeakASaying

8. Freddie's fight song:

The Champions, we are. #YodaSpeakASaying

9. Carly Rae's ernest request:

Met you just now I did, call me maybe perhaps you will. #YodaSpeakASaying @carlyraejepsen

10. The Plastics' law:

Sit with us, you cannot #YodaSpeakASaying #MeanGirls

11. Jerry Maguire's touching moment:

12. This famous advertisement:

Milk, you got? #YodaSpeakASaying

13. Eminem's alter-ego:

Slim Shady am I. Yes, the real Slim Shady am I. Just imitated are all you other Slim Shadys. #YodaSpeakASaying

14. Al Pacino's battle cry:

#YodaSpeakASaying "To my friend, say hello" #FaceScar

15. Jack Nicholson's famous courtroom scream:

#YodaSpeakASaying The truth you want? Handle the truth you cannot

16. Kelis's masterpiece:

brings the boys toThe yard my milkshake does #YodaSpeakASaying

17. This Christmas classic:

Watch out you'd better. Cry you'd better not. Coming to town Santa Claus is. #YodaSpeakASaying

18. This Jay-Z paraphrase:

99 Problems I have, Not one she is #YodaSpeakASaying

19. And Fabio's famous line:

Believe it is not butter, I can't #YodaSpeakASaying

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