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    19 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Damn, That Sucks"


    1. This woman who got caught in an afternoon puke shower:

    2. This unfortunate imprint:

    3. This unsalvageable disaster:

    4. This grave mistake:

    5. This miscalculation:

    6. This savage act:

    7. This Thanksgiving revenge:

    8. This phone that took a tumble on the treadmill:

    9. This bag of gummies that melted in the sun:

    10. This open sunroof:

    11. This pile of laundry:

    12. These stacks of library books:

    13. This car stuck in its tracks:

    14. This car door that isn't supposed to bend that way:

    15. This bit of karma:

    16. This bad idea:

    17. This sunken dream:

    18. This terrible mistake:

    19. And this impossible task: