21 Wonderfully Passive Aggressive Neighbors

    Because sometimes you just don't want to say it to their face.

    1. The person who made the best of a shitty situation.

    2. Whoever had trouble spelling "feces."

    3. Zack L's worst nightmare.

    4. This creative dog owner.

    5. This home owner lowering his property value.

    6. This hater of squeaky bed frames.

    7. These people who are uncomfortable with voyeurism.

    8. This person who really cares about their lawn.

    9. This neighbor with thin walls.

    10. This "Big Black Dude."

    11. Whoever was angry enough to protect their note from the rain.

    12. This neighbor who can always spot a fake.

    13. This polite jogger.

    14. This lover of animals.

    15. This environmentalist.

    16. Edward Sissorhands.

    17. This person confused by the definition of "fun."

    18. This "South Park" fan.

    19. This owner of a Sharpie.

    20. This guy who makes a really good point.

    21. And this pink flamingo salesman.