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    19 Pictures That Will Immediately Make You Feel Mildly Uncomfortable


    1. Everything about this mannequin:

    2. This reflection:

    3. These airpods:

    4. This delicious tap water:

    5. This ATM:

    6. This well-placed microscope:

    7. This car with serious horsepower:

    8. This sexy bulldog:

    9. These Pokémon having a good time in aisle 8:

    10. This super-sized driver:

    11. This girl and her invisible head:

    12. This sad bench:

    13. This morning pick-me-up:

    14. This tight shave:

    15. This button down shirt:

    16. These very rare legos:

    17. This 24-pack of water:

    18. This advertisement behind a glue display:

    19. And this horrific sunburn: