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    Why Mascots And Tackle Football Don't Mix

    Next time Brutus the Buckeye should probably stay on the sideline.

    This past weekend the Ohio State Buckeyes held their annual Student Appreciation Day during a spring football practice. In celebration of the occasion, Ohio State's mascot took a couple snaps at quarterback.

    It did not end well.

    Okay, so far so good...

    But things go south pretty quickly when Brutus has some trouble locating a receiver...

    So like any good QB he tucks the ball away and decides to pick up some positive yards...

    But he's not a QB. He's a mascot.

    And linebacker David Perkins is not a mascot. He's an actual linebacker.

    I don't think Brutus is going to be playing football again anytime soon.

    Check out their whole loving embrace:

    H/T CBS Sports