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16 Times People Took The Time And Actually Did The Math

You never know when you might need it.

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1. This depressing calculation:

Microsoft_Word1996 /

2. This practical use of statistics: / IAmlss /

3. This sick burn:

4. This robbery calculation:

Sclusive88 /

5. This difficult question to solve for X:

6. This amazing meme:

Reddie1337 /

7. This insane reality:

Runzing1223 /

8. Nick's clever way of avoiding a beatdown:

AshamedPeach4 /

9. Fred's insane medical fees:

CurtDawgyDawg /

10. This incredible graffiti: / katsumiblisk /

11. This perfectly worded comeback:

live4lifelegit /

12. This insane truth:

CarelessFish /

13. This calculation of Stephen Hawking's totally real IQ:

14. This person's comparison for modern minimum wage:

djchair /

15. This well-executed "actually":

chihuahua001 /

16. And this existential math problem:

Slopey112 /

For more hilariously unnecessary uses of math check out r/TheyDidTheMath.

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