What Would Tim Riggins Do?

Finally, a quiz with real life lessons.

  1. 1. W.W.T.R.D. if confronted about accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior?
    1. Laugh and throw his empty beer can at the person.
    2. If it’s a girl, stare at her until she disrobes.
    3. Explain that he recently had a threesome with the Stratton sisters.
  2. 2. W.W.T.R.D. if someone implied that he was racist?
    1. Completely agree with them.
    2. Claim he’s not racist. He just doesn’t like the guy. He could be Santa Claus and he wouldn’t like him.
    3. Brush his hair out of his eyes and chuckle.
  3. 3. W.W.T.R.D. if he could only choose one day of the week to skip school?
    1. Wednesdays. Always.
    2. Friday or Monday. Three day weekend!
    3. School? Huh?
  4. 4. W.W.T.R.D. if he needed to apologize to his teammates?
    1. No regrets. No apologies.
    2. Make fun of the QB for being a virgin and say he’ll make it up to them in the showers.
    3. Stare at them wistfully until they forgive him.
  5. 5. W.W.T.R.D. if he had an attractive mom living next door?
    1. Have a secret crush on her like a normal high school sophomore.
    2. Help her out around the house.
    3. Have sex with her.
  6. 6. W.W.T.R.D. if he needed an excuse to get out of school?
    1. Just not show up.
    2. Say he’s pregnant.
    3. Have his brother call the office.
  7. 7. W.W.T.R.D. if he needed to say something funny at a team banquet?
    1. Depress the team by joking about how he’s had sex with everyone’s girlfriend.
    2. Walk up to the podium. Finish his beer. Sit back down.
    3. Make a joke about the QB banging the coach’s daughter.
  8. 8. W.W.T.R.D. for his pre-game routine?
    1. Have sex… Lots of it.
    2. Drink beer… lots of it.
    3. Make bad decisions… lots of them.
  9. 9. W.W.T.R.D. Friday night after the game?
    1. Drink a ton of ice cold memories.
    2. Have an orgy with the cheerleading squad.
    3. Take a nap. Football is tiring.
  10. 10. W.W.T.R.D. if his best friend got paralyzed?
    Direct TV
    1. Visit him in the hospital every day.
    2. Cry nonstop.
    3. Immediately have sex with his girlfriend.
  11. 11. W.W.T.R.D. if he needed to read "Of Mice and Men" for class?
    1. Have a rally girl read it for him.
    2. Cliff notes.
    3. Have Landry read it to him like an audiobook.
  12. 12. W.W.T.R.D. if his 8-year-old neighbor was getting bullied at school?
    1. He’d threaten to punch a hole in a kid’s chest and rip out his heart.
    2. He’s too busy having sex and making memories to care.
    3. He’s stare at them until they dissolve into dust.
  13. 13. W.W.T.R.D. if he was asked to summarize "The Scarlet Letter."
    1. It’s about the ramifications of adultery in colonial New England.
    2. Well, it’s about a gal, named Scarlett, obviously.
    3. He’d give the person his copy of “Easy A.”
  14. 14. W.W.T.R.D. if his friend got carded at the liquor store?
    1. Steal the beer.
    2. Punch the cashier.
    3. Present his Sgt. Riggins military I.D. and buy the beer himself.
  15. 15. W.W.T.R.D. as he is getting released from a Mexican prison?
    1. He’d immediately find a señorita and make some memories.
    2. He’d tell the prison guard, “Cheers. Go Cowboys.”
    3. He’d tell the guard to keep his cell warm because he’ll probably be back.
  16. 16. W.W.T.R.D. if he wasn't really feeling the whole college thing?
    Direct TV
    1. Tough it out.
    2. Leave because Tim Riggins needs his “me time.”
    3. Skip class and head to the bar. Because it’s Wednesday somewhere, right?
  17. 17. W.W.T.R.D. if he went to an auction?
    Direct TV
    1. Buy a longhorn steer.
    2. Make responsible decisions for only necessary purchases.
    3. Bring a cooler of beer and make some memories.
  18. 18. W.W.T.R.D. if he had regrets?
    Direct TV
    1. Drink the pain away.
    2. Call up the rally girls.
    3. No regrets. Texas forever.

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