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    22 Times The Internet Proved We're All In This Together

    You're not alone.

    1. When you're cramming for finals.

    @pakalupapito / Via Twitter: @pakalupapito

    2. When you don't get outside often.

    @tinatbh / Via Twitter: @tinatbh

    3. When you get confused.

    4. When you get drunk by yourself.

    5. When you stare at pizza as if it's the face of God.

    6. When your cups of coffee don't work.

    7. When you determine a life event.

    8. When you ask the wrong question.

    9. When you just want to be alone.

    @ahow / Via Twitter: @ahow

    10. When you're feeling good about your Friday night.

    @thenatewolf / Via Twitter: @thenatewolf

    11. When your autocorrect is vaguely depressing.

    12. When you don't have a plan.

    13. When you get caught taking a shortcut.

    14. When your YouTube channel isn't taking off as planned.

    15. When you just can't draw.

    16. When you make a joke and it gets no love.

    17. When you decide not to correct someone.

    18. When you Google something awesome.

    19. When you want to look important.

    20. When the date doesn't go as planned.

    21. When everyone forgets your birthday.

    22. And when your access to Flavortown is denied.

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