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26 Ways To Survive Being Home For The Holidays

It could get sloppy. It might get awkward. It will get boring. But you can get through it.

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1. Stay away from the mall.

2. Burn all of your embarrassing photos.

3. Ignore your tween cousins at all costs.

4. Have a cold one!

5. Don't forget to finish your Christmas shopping.

6. Stay calm when you get stuck in gridlock.

7. Remember no h8ers!

8. Block it out!

9. NEVER let anyone make you feel like a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

10. Stop being so grumpy.

11. Okay, go have a stronger drink!

Now how you feeling?

12. Quick, go hide your dad's favorite Christmas album.

13. Try and figure out what your dog is thinking.

14. If someone asks you to explain the internet, run away.

15. Call up those friends you never see anymore.

16. Remember to include everyone!


18. Get down with your bad self.

19. Did someone say egg nog?

20. Let yourself get all sentimental.

21. Try not to drink too much!

22. Don't call your uncle out about the time he "played racquetball with Bill Murray."

23. Keep it together!

24. Don't let this be you.

25. Because moral hangovers are a lot more painful the alcohol induced ones.

26. But it's okay, remember Charlie Brown's Christmas heals all wounds.

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