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    Mar 8, 2013

    39 Ways You Know You're A True Wiffleballer

    There are some things you never outgrow.

    1. You started at a young age.

    2. You played with anyone that could hold a bat.

    3. Your love for the game only intensified over the years.

    4. You see nothing wrong with Wiffle trademarking the color yellow.

    5. You know that unscuffed balls are a pitcher's nightmare.

    And a hitter's dream.

    6. You've considered getting this tattoo.

    7. This is the only reminder on your phone.

    8. You have this picture framed in your bathroom.

    And if you don't right now, you will soon.

    9. You think this epitomizes the American dream.

    10. This is what you consider "rise and grind."

    11. You wish this machine was in your basement.

    12. Your in-season diet consists of pizza rolls and beer.

    13. You know there is no such thing as an off-season.

    14. Snow is never an obstacle.

    15. You consider this Spring Training.

    16. This is how you spend your vacations.

    17. The reason you hate this picture is because they aren't using the yellow bat.

    WAY more than the fact that it's the Jonas Brothers.

    18. You know the look of a well-broken-in ball.

    19. The fact that people stole these Wiffle Balls makes you a little sad.

    20. You know the meaning of TRUE street ball.

    21. You know Wiffle golf balls are GREAT for soft toss.

    22. No expense is ever spared for opening day.

    23. You wish every backyard looked this good.

    24. This makes you sadder than the end of "Field of Dreams"

    25. You can always find space to practice.

    26. You know the importance of a well-kept pitching mound.

    27. You know that achievements should be saved and catalogued.

    28. You think this field is the 8th wonder of the world.

    29. You think this scoreboard is absolutely necessary.

    30. You can't pass this display without buying something.

    31. You know this is cheating.

    32. You didn't know this hat exists, but now that you do, you need it.

    33. These bats all look completely different to you.

    34. You live for night games.

    35. You think a double-sided Wiffle Ball is sacrilege.

    36. You will Google this field of dreams.

    37. You think this trophy should probably be bigger.

    38. You think this is the height of athleticism.

    39. And you know you'll never get too old to play a kid's game.