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    19 People Who Need To Be More Self-Aware


    1. Whoever stocked this shelf:

    2. Whoever made this banner:

    3. Whoever decided not to proofread this sign:

    4. Whoever tried to spell Hawaiian:

    5. This dude copping a feel:

    6. The genius who installed this door:

    7. The person who chose this door for the bathroom:

    8. This girl who should've found another spot to hide her toys:

    9. Whoever made this sign:

    10. Whoever confused Austria with Australia:

    11. This teacher:

    12. Whoever named this shopping center:

    13. The designer of this watch:

    14. This guy who missed a couple spots when shaving:

    15. This maintenance man who would like to set a time to inseminate:

    16. The teacher who thought this would be okay:

    17. And whoever commissioned this stained glass window: