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Two Brothers Get Physical In The Middle Of A Baseball Game

Sibling rivalry is killing the Atlanta Braves.

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When the Atlanta Braves paired Justin Upton with his older brother B.J. in the outfield at Turner Field the baseball-loving world rejoiced. Here's two all-star level players who happen to be brothers roaming the same patch of grass. Imagine the fun and hijinks! However it appears the plan has backfired, as sibling rivalry is threatening to tear the team apart.

During the 5th inning of the Braves game against the New York Mets on Tuesday the brothers' unfiltered hatred for each other made its way to the field of play. While attempting to snare an easy fly ball B.J. was spitefully tackled by his brother Justin, who claims to have called for the ball first.

Luckily, B.J. was able to hang on to the baseball, unfortunately for the Braves on-field feuding continued even after the inning was over. And the situation only appears to be getting worse.

Hopefully they can just resolve their issues and learn to get along.

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I mean, their sister gets along with everyone...

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