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29 Things That Are Totally Legit

Nothing weird here AT ALL.

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1. This guy's excuse for his DUI:

2. This Lacoste polo shirt:

3. This note from a forgetful "husband":

4. This girl's concept of time:

5. This ATM:

6. This rare piece of history:

7. This afternoon caller:

8. Dave:

9. This dollar bill:

10. This license plate:

11. This bottle of sour cream:

12. This tunnel to happiness:

13. This e-mail from the Commander in Chief:

14. This salesman offering a great deal on a used car:

15. This computer store:

16. This loyal girlfriend:

17. These headphones:

18. This car's headlights:

19. This "not haunted" house:

20. This new gym:

21. This luxury handbag:

22. This car door:

23. This cool candy machine:

24. This new version of the Hogwarts Express:

25. This totally normal store:

26. This incredibly rare book:

27. This suspicious Ford Crown Victoria:

28. This top-of-the-line computer:

29. And this hip new lounge:


The car in #27 is a Crown Victoria. It was originally identified as a Ford Taurus. Either way it looks like a cop car.

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