25 Best Fictional Presidents And The Actors Who Played Them

    After months of careful deliberation, here are the official rankings, judged on the grounds of believability, badassness, dance moves, and foreign policy.

    25. Billy Bob Thornton in "Love Actually"

    24. Luke Wilson in "Idiocracy"

    23. Mark Harmon in "Chasing Liberty"

    22. Alan Alda in "Canadian Bacon"

    21. Dennis Quaid in "American Dreamz"

    20. Kelsey Grammer in "Swing Vote"

    19. Danny Glover in "2012"

    18. Tim Robbins in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"

    17. Michael Keaton in "First Daughter"

    16. Leslie Nielsen in "Scary Movie 4"

    15. Gene Hackman in "Absolute Power"

    14. Chris Rock in "Head of State"

    13. Lloyd Bridges in "Hot Shots Part Deux"

    12. George Clooney in "Spy Kids 3-D"

    11. Terry Crews in "Idiocracy"

    10. Jack Nicholson in "Mars Attacks"

    9. Michael Douglas in "The American President"

    8. Kevin Kline in "Dave"

    7. Gene Hackman in "Welcome to Mooseport"

    6. John Travolta in "Primary Colors"

    5. Dennis Haysbert in "24"

    4. Bill Pullman in "Independence Day"

    3. Martin Sheen in "The West Wing"

    2. Morgan Freeman in "Deep Impact"

    1. Harrison Ford in "Air Force One"