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31 Times You Wish No One Was Watching

Embarrassment lasts a lifetime.

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1. When you get caught admiring a Rockettes poster.

2. When your girlfriend looks through the pictures on your phone.

3. When your roommate accidently interrupts your "me time."

4. When you dance drunk in the daylight.

5. When you flash the WRONG truck with a camera.

6. When cops find this written on your chest...

7. When you try to impress your crush.

8. When your Cirque du Soleil tryout video earns you a trip to the hospital.

9. When someone sees your "research" at the library.

10. When you notice something sticking out...

11. When you just can't help yourself.

12. When the camera cuts back to you a little too early.

13. When you don't realize the camera is on.

14. When you think this is a good idea.

15. When your friend tells you the dock isn't slippery.

16. When you wake up in the WRONG bedroom.

17. When you think you're being SO slick with that up-skirt picture.

18. When you JUST miss the landing.

19. When you misjudge EVERYTHING.

20. When your nose itches but your hands are full.

21. When your roommate fat shames you for that 3am snack.

22. When you think you're alone.

23. When Beyonce side-eyes your attempt to take her and Jay-Z's picture.

24. When your mom publicly embarrasses you.

25. When your best bro ruins your Sunday Funday.

26. When the bus driver ignores your existence.

27. When the Walmart manager gets vindictive.

28. When you think your teammates are paying attention.

29. When you challenge a bull's manhood.

30. When your co-worker finds your browser history.

31. When your mom catches you watching strange porn.

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